Our High Tech Equipment

Utilizing the Latest in Technology for the Best Care Possible

Technology is evolving at a rapid rate and even though it might be costly for the practice to invest in the latest technology, it’s important to us that we have the ability to provide our patients with the best care possible. 

In-Office CBCT Scan

Full 3D Images give a clear view

CBCT Scans provide Dr. Grogan with a detailed view of the anatomy of your jaw and allow him to diagnose and plan with accuracy. In the past, patients would have to visit a hospital or outpatient facility to obtain a three-dimensional x-ray to fully evaluate the structures. In approximately the year 2006, a technological advancement was introduced when those three-dimensional images could be obtained in a dental office setting. The three-dimensional x-ray image produced by a cone beam computerized tomographic (CBCT) machine is actually more accurate for what dentists need than the medical scanning machines. Dr. Grogan was one of the first in the Washington DC area to invest in a CBCT scan machine for his patients. Click here to learn more about Advanced Imaging for Implant Success >>
Paxi LRG

Intra-Oral Camera

Lets you see what the Doctor sees……

We work closely with patients to build a bond of teamwork. One way we bring this about is with a high-tech tool called the intra-oral camera. This device is a tiny video camera that displays a close-up image of the inside of your mouth and allows you to see exactly what needs to be completed. You then become an active participant in your dental decisions. You’ll be amazed by this!

Digital X-Rays

Much Less Radiation than Traditional X-rays

Dental X-rays are an important part of our preventive care program, and we’re pleased to say that digital X-rays are now available at our practice. With this technology, an image is taken of your mouth using a digital sensor and then downloaded to our computer, where it is instantly accessible. We can also now capture your entire mouth in one view, including the upper and lower jaws, utilizing panoramic digital X-rays. These methods result in 75% less radiation than older dental X-rays. You won’t need to wait for images to develop and there are no more chemical wastes to pollute our environment.
X-Ray result
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