Our Philosophy of Care:
Minimally Invasive Dentistry

Consistent with our philosophy of treating patients as we would ourselves and our family members, we use conservative techniques to restore even severely broken-down teeth.

Typically, we prepare a tooth for an onlay instead of using a crown restoration. During the first appointment, we remove all the decayed, broken and cracked tooth structure; what’s left is good, sound tooth structure. We then take a mold and our laboratory technician fabricates the missing three-dimensional piece.

These restorations fit two to three times better than a crown.  During the second appointment, the temporary restoration is removed and the resin-reinforced-porcelain onlay is bonded into the tooth.  The tooth is about 97% as strong as an unrestored natural tooth after this procedure, and they are absolutely beautiful! We have been providing this service for our patients for nearly 30 years and have found great success and longevity with these restorations.

Father and daughter
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