Meet Dr. Patrick M. Grogan

Dr. Patrick M. Grogan is an expert, caring dentist who puts his patient’s wellbeing first. He treats his patients as he would his family. Over the years, he has invested thousands of hours in courses & research developing his treatment methods & procedures.

Minimally Invasive Philosophy of Care

Shortly after graduating from Georgetown University School of Dentistry in 1987, he did intensive study on resin bonded restorations which helped to shape his minimally invasive philosophy of care.

When a tooth has been significantly damaged, the traditional approach is to shave the entire tooth down and cap the tooth with a crown. While this may still be appropriate in some cases, Dr. Grogan has found that by using a resin bonded restoration he is able to save more tooth structure & keep teeth stronger for longer. 

This minimally invasive philosophy of care has proven itself over the 30+ years Dr. Grogan has been practicing dentistry. By improving on the traditional resin bonded restoration techniques, he’s been able to provide his patients with longer lasting restorations and avoid having to place crowns on over 50% of his patients.

With a resin bonded restoration like an onlay or an inlay, Dr. Grogan uses a lab created restoration that fits exactly over the area that has been removed because of tooth decay. In this way, he is able to only remove the section of the tooth that has decay – thus preserving more tooth structure than with a crown.

More importantly, the way the restoration is bonded to the tooth allows it to mimic more closely the natural tooth structure and function. Over several decades, he has observed that this leads to less problems down the line and results in superior longevity (compared to crowns).

Memberships & Leadership Positions

Over the past 30 years, Dr. Grogan has taken various leadership positions among his colleagues to help further & improve the field of dentistry. He is currently a member of the following associations & groups:

Volunteer Activities & Community Involvement

Dr. Grogan is proud to be involved with the following organizations & activities:

Dr. Patrick Grogan
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